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Job Site & Ergonomic Evaluations

Job Site & Ergonomic Evaluations

K.C. McKee Medical Evaluation Centres provides compelling Job Site Evaluations and Ergonomic Evaluations by connecting you with certified Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists, and Ergonomists that are experienced in performing and reporting functional assessments in a medico-legal setting.

A Job site and Ergonomic evaluation is a detailed assessment of the claimant’s pre-accident work function, in which the physical environment and the tasks required are evaluated. It identifies the physical demands needed to perform the job including but not limited to strength, posture, movement and equipment that entails the job task. The Job site evaluation may also include an interview with the employer and photographs of the workstation.

The aim of a Job Site and Ergonomic Evaluation is to ensure safety and efficiency for an individual returning to their workplace in a manner that helps to reduce pain and the risk of re-injury .
Our assessors collaborate with our consultant physicians to make recommendations for a return to work. They provide avenues to accommodating a claimant’s physical limitations.

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