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Independent Medical Evaluations IMEs and Insurer Examinations

Independent Medical Evaluations IMEs and Insurer Examinations

An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is a third-party specialist physician’s objective assessment and medical opinion of an individual’s condition, needs, and prognosis.

It should be noted that the physician/assessor in this process will not have a typical duty of care to the patient. The physician-patient relationship is absent in this scenario. The doctor would be one who has not been previously involved in the patient’s prior care. In this way, a medical perspective, opinion, and assessment will be obtained in an objective manner.

An Insurer’s Examination is very similar to an IME. It is an examination of the client’s subjective complaints in response to an insurance claim. It is a complete report that will include any specific questions that is required to be addressed by the medical expert to determine eligibility and extent of the claim.

The IME and IE are important factors for the outcome of injury cases and may be pivotal in settling a significant claim. Allow us to put you in contact with the right medical professional for your medical examination needs.

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